McKinney Orders Probe

By Jordan Hill and John Stephen Opinions Editor, The Spectator Managing Editor, The Spectator   VSU President William McKinney has ordered a third-party investigation into a clash between a former adjunct professor and VSU alumnus that occurred this summer over the use of state resources for political purposes. Dr. Mark George, the professor involved in […]

Domestic abuse project hung out to dry

By Jordan Hill Opinions Editor, The Spectator The Women’s and Gender Studies program and VSU administrators are airing a different type of dirty laundry this year. Because of a dispute between WGST and VSU’s top administrators, the program will not hang T-shirts on clotheslines to create awareness of sexual assault and domestic violence for the […]

VSU Tuition Increases

By Jordan Hill Opinions Editor, The Spectator VSU’s current tuition per semester is $1989.60, not including fees. With the 2.5 percent increase, semester tuition will rise to approximately $2,068.60. Student fees will then add another $955 to the tuition total. The USG’s Board of Regents chose to increase the university’s tuition due to the lack […]

West Hall closed summer semester

By Jordan Hill Assistant Opinions Editor, The Spectator After more than 25 years, West Hall’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is being replaced which will cause the building to be closed down during summer semester. While the construction is being done during the summer, most of West Hall will be closed. Only the front section […]