Alma students in Clovers and Company

By Jordan Hill


Alaina Alderman, daughter of David and June Alderman, is a member of Clovers and Company for her third consecutive year.

After being discovered by 4-H at DPA, Alderman was encouraged to audition for the 4-H performing group. She sang at a two-minute audition and was accepted into the group.

Alains began singing publicly when she was eight-years-old, but since joining Clovers and Company, has improved her performing skills.

“It’s made me more comfortable on stage,” she said. “It’s pushed me beyond my limits. I’ve brushed up on the areas I wasn’t as confident in. I thought it would be easy to keep up with everyone but it made me rise to their level.”

She’s had many opportunities since joining the group.

Alderman has traveled to LSU and Kentucky with Clovers and Company. She has also performed in Perry at the Georgia fair as well as other festivals throughout the state.

“I’ve made a lot of friends,” Alaina said. “It’s cool to come together with people that have the same interest.”

Alaina encourages anyone interested in performing to audition for Clovers and Company.

“It’s extremely good for anyone who loves that kind of thing. I get to go spend time with people who love doing what i do.”

After graduating next year, Alaina plans to attend South Georgia State College and then transfer to a Christian college and major in music.

Mason McClintock, son of Michael and Lori McClintock, auditioned for the second time this year.

This year, his audition was sent in via video due to health problems at the time.

As a singer and performer, Mason fits perfectly into the mold of a Clovers and Company member. Mason has had experience in singing at local churches as well as with the Bacon County Theatre.

Three years ago, Mason began playing the guitar.

“I thought it was cool to play my guitar and sing in church a lot,” Mason said.

Mason was taught by Alaina how to play the guitar. She talked about Clovers and Company with him and that’s when the light went off for Mason. “That’s when I thought it would be a good idea for me to audition.”

Mason has had solos and performed with the grow during his time with Clovers and Company. Mason’s solo last year was “Runaway Baby” by Bruno Mars. “That was a hard song for me because of the timing and because my voice changed half way through the year,” Mason said with a laugh.

His favorite part about being in Clovers and Company is “getting to meet all the people that come up to you and say ‘Oh you did such a good job.’

“I’ve made so many great friends through Clovers and  Company. That’s what I would miss the most about it.”

The two Bacon County members are home-schooled and meet at the cooperative extension agency as a 4-H group.

Clovers and Company, the 50-60 group of students, perform throughout the state at different events and locations. The group sings 18-20 songs each performance, some as solos and some as a whole.


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