Three’s company, too!

By Jordan Hill

Writer, The News Courier

Two’s company, three’s a crowd doesn’t exactly fit one Alma household.

Janice and Dewayne Lindsey are raising four-year-old triplets: Andrew, Evan and Sean.

Since the boys are older now, their friendship makes it easier on the Lindseys.

“Now that they’re older, they play together,” mother, Janice, said. “That gives me a lot more free time. When they were little it wasn’t easy.”

One thing the Lindseys focus on is making sure each of their sons feel different and special.

“I think the hardest part is managing time, giving them their own individual time.”

When the boys were only a year old, the Lindseys could tell differences between their personalities. Over time, their personalities have each grown stronger.

Andrew is the humble one in the family, Evan is the mischievous one and Sean ‘is going to be the class clown.’

“Andrew draws to Dewayne and grandpa, but Sean and Evan are mama’s boys,” the Lindseys said with a smile.

“I like it in the morning when they all pile in the bed and wake me up,” Janice said.

Dewayne added, “They’re a lot of fun.”

Like their personalities, when it comes to food, the boys’ taste could not be more different.

Andrew loves eating lasagna.

Sean is not picky about his food. “He’ll eat about anything you put in front of him,” Dewayne said.

And Evan’s favorite food is spaghetti.

Andrew, Evan and Sean have extremely different personalities but they also share a special bond and a special friend.

“They have a secret friend together,” Janice said. “He’s the punchline for every joke. He’s the one that did it when they get in trouble.”

The boys are starting school this year and the Lindseys plan to keep them in the same classroom at least for a few years.

“Then we’ll decide,” Janice said. “They really have a bond. I hope it continues.”

Published in The News Courier


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