Out with the old, in with the new

By Jordan Hill

Writer, The News Courier

Along with a new school, Bacon County High is welcoming a new principal, Dr. Ryan Gravitt.

Dr. Gravitt is no stranger to the small-town life. He was born and raised in Chatsworth, Georgia.

He received his Bachelor of Health and Physical Education at University of West Georgia. He went on to Valdosta State University and received his Master in Education Leadership. He earned his doctorate’s degree at University of South Florida Sarasota.

Dr. Gravitt comes to Bacon County after a short stint as Dougherty County High School principal. Before that, he was principal of Tift County High School from 2011-2013 after serving as Tift County Middle School principal from 2003-2011.

He chose to apply and accept his new position based on his love for small towns.  “It reminds me a lot of Chatsworth,” Dr. Gravitt said. “I’ve only been here a few months but I feel like I’ve known these people my whole life.”

Being a new principal at a new school is “good timing” for Dr. Gravitt.

“The brand new school is an enticement for anybody,” he said. “Not a lot of folks get that opportunity. I think it would have been more difficult for me to be new to town at the old school.”

The new principal aims to bring a new excitement level to BCHS. “I’d like to think I’ll be their (the students) biggest cheerleader,” he said.

Along with excitement, Dr. Gravitt brings a hands-on leadership style and aims to implement that style into the daily routine of the school.

“I want to be extremely knowledgable about anything that’s going on at the school and be very involved,” he said.

Adjusting to the new building will be a challenge for everyone involved, but Dr. Gravitt strives to make it a clean and smooth transition.

“Letting the students and faculty know what the guidelines for the new building are and how to take pride in that building and what our operation procedures are… I think that will go a long way in setting the tone so that there will be no confusion about what to do and where to do it.

We just want to make sure we get our kids educated and make sure they’re ready for that next role in life, whatever that may be. I hope I’m able to help some of the kids find out exactly what that role should be. It’s part of growing up. I believe that we can make some changes to help guide them in the right direction.”

The new addition to BCHS also brings his family to Alma. His daughter, Jessica, is a sophomore at BCHS and will be on the competition cheerleading squad. “The fact that she has made some great friends already on the cheerleading squad has really helped her,” Dr. Gravitt said.

His son, Christopher, is following his father’s footsteps and is a sophomore at Valdosta State University. Denise, wife to Dr. Gravitt, is currently commuting to and from Tifton as the marketing director and general manager for Chick-fil-A in Tifton.

Published in The News Courier

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