Davis Tumbling

Not many 21-year-olds can say they created and run their own successful business, but Christiana Davis can.

After doing private tumbling lessons at Center Stage Dance Company, Davis Floor Covering , and an uncle’s shed, Davis Tumbling opened the doors of it’s own building in October 2013.

“People were really interested in this so I started looking for buildings to rent out,” Davis said. She rented a building across from her family’s business, Davis Floor Covering, on W. 12th Street.

With no gymnastics or tumbling business in Alma, it was an easy choice for Davis to open her business here.

“We need it,” she said.

After being open for nearly a year with the community’s support, she feels her business is doing great in Alma.

Davis comes from a background full of gymnastics. From ages five to 13, she competed in gymnastics by going to Tifton every day and spending 24 plus hours in the gym.

“Tumbling is something that I’ve always done,” Davis said.  “It’s never left me.”

Owning her own tumbling business is not something that was originally in Davis’ plans.

“I didn’t think about it being a possibility,” she said. After trying accounting at South Georgia State College, she knew sitting behind a desk wasn’t for her.

“When I started teaching the privates I thought, ‘I could really turn this into a business.'”

Davis Tumbling currently sees 60 plus kids a week. Davis teaches four to five classes a day with a maximum of six kids per class. “I want a lot of one-on-one time for them.”

Christiana Davis enjoys being able to decide how to teach her kids.

“I really enjoy being able to teach the girls the way I think they should be taught, the way I was taught and what I think is the correct way,” she said.

For now, Davis Tumbling has a floor covered in tumbling mats, an incline and octagon mat, air track, junior’s bar and beam.

“I don’t want to get the girls burned out doing the same thing over and over,” Davis said. “The little ones love the beam and the bars. We do simple stuff. It keeps them interested.”

In the future, Davis wants to expand her business to competitive gymnastics.

“I’ll have to get certified,” she said. “I’ll need my own building with the proper equipment. I know I’ll have to work my way up.”

At the rate Davis Tumbling is progressing, it won’t be long until the business reaches all of Davis’ plans.

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