Bacon County Hospital Imaging Center

The Bacon County Hospital Diagnostic Imaging Center is proud to provide some of the most State of the Art Equipment available in today’s market.  The technology offered through BCH exceeds most that is offered in our immediate area as well as being comparable to the best offered throughout the entire state.

The Imaging Department is one of only three hospitals in Georgia to have the Toshiba Titan MR (Magnetic Resonance) featuring Mpower Software. Arriving in 2013, the MR machine is larger and more quiet than most which puts patients more at ease, making it easier to remain motionless during their procedure.  It has an 18 % larger bore:  71 centimeter aperture compared to the previous 60 centimeter aperture.  The larger bore especially helps patients with claustrophobia. Troy Long, MRI Technologist, is excited about the MR machine. “MR scans are useful in many different diagnosis throughout the body ranging from disc herniations and muscle tears to abnormalities related to Alzeheimer’s Disease,” he said.

BCH Imaging Department also houses an up-to-date Toshiba Aquilion CT (Computed Tomography) machine.  BCH is one of only four hospitals in the state of Georgia who offer this technology.  In one rotation, the CT takes 160 pictures of the body as compared to the previous CT that took 64 pictures per rotation.  Jill Clark and Shannon Bagley, Diagnostic Imaging Technologists, explained that Cardiac CT Angiography can be performed with the Aquilion.  Cardiac CTAs can show the same information as a Heart Catherization, but is much less invasive and time consuming.  The CT will also soon house a software upgrade that will be able to decrease the amount of radiation given to the patient.

In August 2013, BCH added the Digital Hologic Selenia Dimensions Mammography Unit to the Imaging Department. “This unit is hands down the best available in the United States,” Lisa Hodges, Mammography Supervisor, said.  Digital mammography has been proven to detect Breast Cancer’s in the earliest stages possible. Therefore, the patient can begin treatment earlier.

“We hope to add software to the Selenia in the near future that will enable us to perform  Tomosynthesis of the breast, also known as 3-D Imaging,” Hodges said.  “This addition will further help the Radiologist in Breast Cancer Detection.”

Bacon County Hospital prides itself on keeping up-to-date with the latest technology.

“The Bacon County Hospital Board as well as CEO, Cindy Turner, continues to make it possible for us to provide the best technology available for our patients,” Cheryl Williams, director of the Imaging System, said.

Bacon County Hospital and Health System combines expert staff, a caring attitude and the latest in medical equipment to provide its patients with not only an accurate diagnosis, but also a safe and comfortable experience.


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