Hobby Lobby’s Victory

By Jordan Hill

Assistant Opinions Editor, The Spectator

People will always be at war over religious freedom. For now, Hobby Lobby has won the battle.

They declared that because of their religion, they did not want to provide certain contraceptives under Obamacare to their employees. And finally, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the conservatives.

HL is not refusing to supply all contraceptives, only the ones that terminate after conception because they are Christians and do not believe in that practice.

While HL stood up for its beliefs and won, in what seems to be a great victory over the federal government, this case brings flashbacks of states wanting to forbid homosexual couples from shopping at their stores.

Where do we, as a country, draw the line between protecting our religious freedom and being prejudice? How can the government tell businesses and individuals when we can exercise our freedom of religion?

This question seems to be in high debate and based solely on opinion.

In the matter of HL, it is a great victory to say that the federal government cannot tell businesses what their employee insurance must cover. The proposal HL made to Supreme Court was not out of reason. HL will provide insurance for most contraceptives but refuse to provide the few contraceptives that they do not believe in.

But in the matter of states trying to refuse to provide service to homosexual couples, this is simply prejudice and ignorant. While businesses do reserve the right to decide how to run their business, it is discrimination.

It is up to us to decide what battles to choose to protect our religious freedom. We must pick our battles in order to win the war.

 Published at various outlets including http://vsuspectator.com/2014/07/03/hobby-lobbys-victory/


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