Buddy Carter- Republican Candidate for 1st Congressional District

Buddy Carter, candidate for the first Congressional district, stopped by The News Courier on Thursday, June 26 for an interview while in Alma for a meet and greet at The Blueberry Inn later that day.

“It’s important that small towns all across America have their voice heard,” Carter said. “That’s what makes America so great.”

Balancing the federal budget is a priority for Carter. “We’re leaving our children and grandchildren with $17.5 trillion in debt. It’s the economic issue of our generation. That’s not what I want my legacy to be.”

Carter has experience balancing budgets. He previously served as mayor of Pooler, as well as in the state legislature, and was responsible for presenting a balanced budget. He has owned three pharmacies for over 25 years. “If I couldn’t balance my budget, I couldn’t stay in business,” Carter said.

The Congressional candidate wants to focus on checks and balances within the legislative and executive branch. “It’s as if he (Obama) has no respect for Congress or their opinion. Congress isn’t doing their job because they’re not keeping the president in check.”

To strike down Obamacare, Carter plans to “turn it into a 3-D movie: Delay it, defund it, defeat it.”

“Drug therapy is being decided by your insurance company and that’s not the way it should work,” Carter said. “Because of Obamacare, the  power of the insurance company is proliferating. We have to keep them in check. He (Obama) implements laws that he wants to and ignores the ones he doesn’t want to mess with.”

Carter encourages voters to turn out for the run-off election being held on July 22.


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