VSU Tuition Increases

By Jordan Hill

Opinions Editor, The Spectator

VSU’s current tuition per semester is $1989.60, not including fees. With the 2.5 percent increase, semester tuition will rise to approximately $2,068.60. Student fees will then add another $955 to the tuition total.

The USG’s Board of Regents chose to increase the university’s tuition due to the lack of state funding.

USG is funded 50 percent by Georgia and 50 percent by tuition. USG Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs John Brown believes the tuition increase is necessary to keep Georgia universities running smoothly.

“Our differential tuition strategy gives us the flexibility to set tuition at rates that ensure our institutions can fulfill their instructional mission but also address the affordability concerns of students and parents, particularly at our access institutions,” Brown said in an interview with WJBF.

Brown presented the tuition plan to the Board of Regents during a meeting at the University of North Georgia.

The Board of Regents is “mindful and sensitive to ensuring broad access to college,” Chancellor Hank Huckaby said in an interview with WJBF.

“If we’re already covering our 50 percent, I think the increase is unnecessary,” Casie Wright, junior early childhood education major, said. “If we’re not covering 50 percent, then it’s okay.”

Published at various outlets including http://vsuspectator.com/2014/04/17/tuition-rising-again/


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